The premium charging station. Made in Germany.

AMTRON® is a family of wallbox chargers designed and manufactured by MENNEKES in Germany. Drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, AMTRON® has been carefully designed with use and functionality in mind. AMTRON® boasts a range of functional features, such as the smart cable storage and easily accessible RCD reset button, that ensure the unit is practical as well as attractive.


AMTRON® can be mounted on a wall or on an optional fixed stainless steel post for different installation conditions. Some AMTRON® models host the latest 'smart' technology and use the 'OCPP protocol' so it is also ideal for business or commercial use in a 'semi-public' environment.

We have variants of AMTRON® with features such as RFID access and a calibrated energy meter. Each variant is available in several power ratings with either a socket or tethered cable.

AMTRON_Type_2 copy.jpg

Key Features (depending on model) 

  • Designed for domestic or commercial use.

  • Type 2 socket or tethered Type 2 cable.

  • Maximum charging capacity of 22kW.

  • Single or three phase electricity connection.

  • LED indicator display.

  • DC leakage detection*.

  • MID certified energy meter.

  • 16 Amp (3.7kW) or 32 Amp (7.4kW) single-phase.

  • 16 Amp (11kW) or 32 Amp (22kW) three-phase.

  • Networkable via Ethernet, RS485 or 4G connection.

  • Optional: Flexible billing when connected to a backend system like Drivenergy Cloud.


AMTRON® Professional

The latest generation 'smart' AMTRON®. Connect via Drivenergy Cloud to take control of your charging. Available with a Type 2 socket or a tethered 7.5-metre Type 2 cable.

Integrated RCD optional. Internal 6mA DC fault detection complies with latest Wiring Regulations.


OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme grant approved.

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Installation and networking accessories for AMTRON®.


Stainless steel protective hood for wall mounted AMTRON®.



Stainless steel protective hood for use with 18558 or 18566 stainless steel columns.


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