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The premium charging point. Made in Germany.

AMTRON Professional is the latest in a family of wallbox chargers designed and manufactured by MENNEKES in Germany. Drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, AMTRON has been carefully designed with use and functionality in mind. AMTRON Professional boasts a range of functional features, such as the smart cable storage and easily accessible RCD reset button, that ensure the unit is practical as well as attractive.


AMTRON Professional can be mounted on a wall or on an optional fixed stainless steel post for different installation conditions. AMTRON Professional has the latest 'smart' technology and use the 'OCPP protocol' so it is also ideal for business or commercial use.

AMTRON Professional features RFID access and a calibrated energy meter as standard, with either a socket or tethered cable, for up to 22kW AC charging.

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Key Features (depending on model) 

  • Designed for domestic or business use.

  • Type 2 socket or tethered 7.5-metre Type 2 cable.

  • Maximum charging capacity of 22kW.

  • Single- or three-phase connection.

  • LED indicator display.

  • 6mA DC leakage detection.

  • MID certified energy meter.

  • 16 Amp (3.7kW) or 32 Amp (7.4kW) single-phase.

  • 16 Amp (11kW) or 32 Amp (22kW) three-phase.

  • Networkable via Ethernet or 4G connection.

  • Compatible with multiple OCPP backend systems.


AMTRON Professional E

Premium home charging with AMTRON. Available with a Type 2 socket or a tethered 7.5-metre Type 2 cable.

Included RFID fobs control who can use it.

Requires RCD (Type A) in the installation but has internal 6mA DC fault detection.


Dynamic Load Management via optional meter.

Accurate metering and a record of all charging sessions accessible via web interface on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop devices.

►  Download PDF product brochure


AMTRON Professional+ 22 PnC

The latest generation 'smart' AMTRON. Connect via Drivenergy Cloud or another OCPP backend to take control of your charging.


Type 2 socket or tethered 7.5-metre Type 2 cable.

Integrated Type A RCD with separate 6mA DC fault detection.

4G connection in addition to RJ45 network connection.

Optional ISO15118 'PnC' models feature Autocharge to automatically authorise some vehicles and offer Plug&Charge when used with a compatible OCPP backend.


OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme grant approved.

►  Download PDF product brochure



Installation and networking accessories for AMTRON®.


Stainless steel protective hood for wall mounted AMTRON®.



Stainless steel protective hood for use with 18558 or 18566 stainless steel columns.


Please enquire for more information.

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