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About Us

Drivenergy provides premium quality Electric Vehicle charging hardware and software solutions for charging at home or office, and larger scale solutions for apartment blocks, customer charging for hospitality locations and fully public charging points for retail sites, car parks, railway stations, airports and on-street charging.


We are committed to providing our customers with the best charging solution for their situation. We do not sell our charge points through an online store because choosing charging points should be tailored to the individual circumstance.


Instead, Drivenergy focuses on a holistic approach to charging, providing not only the hardware, but the software, connectivity and support.


With 20 years of practical experience with EVs, the Drivenergy team is here to help, so phone or message us for advice regarding all things EV or charging.


Our Partners


Drivenergy is the UK Partner for MENNEKES e-mobility solutions. Drivenergy is proud to market, install, and support the full range of AC charging solutions from MENNEKES.


MENNEKES are well-known experts in the EV market, having designed and produced the 'Type 2' charging plug which has become the standard for AC charging in Europe, up to 22kW.


Drivenergy also sells MENNEKES charging cables in a number of lengths, modes and types to complement those sometimes supplied with vehicles - often also made by MENNEKES.


Where faster charging is required, for example at garages and on trunk routes, Drivenergy is proud to supply our clients with DC Rapid Chargers from ABB.


ABB is a leading global supplier of electrical hardware solutions in many sectors such as solar power, railway electrification and grid infrastructure. They are also at the forefront of the 'en route' EV charging infrastructure market.


Their range of DC charging now includes a Wallbox at 24kW DC and goes right up to the leading highway charging option of 350kW DC for next generation vehicles, such as the Porsche Taycan.

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Thanks to our wealth of automotive, electrical and sustainable consultancy experience, we can advise you on all things EV.

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