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Charging Stations

As the official UK distributor for MENNEKES charging solutions, we supply their full range of high quality AC charging points. Where faster charging is required, we offer the DC solutions from ABB.

Trade enquiries welcome.

AMTRON® Professional is the latest in a family of award-winning, wall-mounted EV charging points, proven across Europe since 2014. The units are robust and made from high quality materials, carefully designed with functionality in mind, so they include features such as integrated cable storage behind the unit.

AMTRON Professional is available with a Type 2 socket or 7.5-metre tethered cable, offering up to 22kW AC charging and is equipped with features such as RFID access control and a calibrated energy meter. Optionally available with internal RCD, 4G connection and ISO15118 for Plug&Charge compatibility.


AMTRON Professional is built with top grade industrial components from leading electrical brands, making it unlikely to fail but also easy to repair.  


With its dual Type 2 charging sockets, RFID authorised access and sturdy column construction, AMEDIO Professional is perfectly suited to semi-public use, such as workplaces, fleets and hotel charging.

AMEDIO Professional includes surge protection and uses the OCPP1.6 protocol via an optional 4G connection. The charging column can be networked via Ethernet to perform Dynamic Load Management with other MENNEKES Professional charging points making it perfect for sites with limited power.

Access via an OCPP platform using QR codes or App gives customers easy access to charge. Optional ISO15118 gives 'Plug&Charge' compatibility for automatic authentication.

MENNEKES Premium Column is a robust, high-quality, fully public facing charging solution, proven in many cities across Europe.


User-friendly LCD screens display simple instructions. Automatically locking shuttered sockets resist tampering when not in use, complementing the heavy duty, high security enclosures.


Available in black or grey as standard, or any RAL colour as a cost option.

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With only select vehicles currently being able to take full advantage of the 22kW capacity of AC charging, the 24kW DC Wallbox from ABB provides a cost-effective solution for faster charging on fleet/pool/courtesy vehicles limited to 7kW or 11kW on AC, via its CCS connector or optional additinoal Chademo connector.


ABB's range of DC Rapid Chargers, from 50kW to 350kW, cover the range of applications for fleets, dealerships and the fastest possible public charging, for motorway services, charging hubs and depots.


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