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Charging Cables


MENNEKES charging cables are the premium choice for fleets, vehicle dealers and private motorists. Many vehicle manufacturers include a MENNEKES brand cable with their vehicles. We supply the full range of genuine MENNEKES charging cables, including alternative lengths and power ratings to optimise the charging time of your vehicle.


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Standard 'single-phase' cables

Our standard cables come with a Type 1 or Type 2 connector at the vehicle end and a Type 2 plug at the supply/socket, for use with home or public charging stations ("Mode 3" charging). For a detailed explanation, see our Guide to EV charging.


Type 1 connectors are found on older vehicles, especially those from Japanese, Korean and American brands and also Nissan's e-NV200 & BMW's C-Evolution e-motorcycle.


Type 2 connectors suit virtually all new cars launched since September 2017.


These cables are 'single-phase' and suitable for charging vehicles at home. If your vehicle has a 'three-phase' charging capability you may wish to consider purchasing one of our three-phase cables. These can still be used at home but can give faster charging when used at public 'three-phase' charging points.

Three-phase cables

More and more vehicles, especially those with larger batteries, are now able to charge more quickly using three-phase power. Whilst this is uncommon in UK homes, it is frequently available in workplaces and on public charging points.


To take advantage of three-phase charging, the car must be capable of using three-phase, the charging point must provide three-phase and a three-phase cable must be used.


Using a three-phase cable will not harm a vehicle that cannot accept three-phase.


A three-phase cable can also be used on a single-phase charging point, but will charging speed will be reduced.


36247 is our best selling cable: the longest (7.5-metre) universal cable that will deliver the fastest AC charge possible on any vehicle with a Type 2 connector.

Other cables

We also have cables with a 'normal' plug - either a UK standard 3-pin plug, for occasional use, or an industrial blue 16 Amp plug ("Mode 2" charging).


Sockets should be verified as suitable for EV charging before first use.


Other versions are available for export markets including Schuko plugs.


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