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Electric vehicle charging made easy

Drivenergy supplies comprehensive Electric Vehicle charging solutions, from home charging points to workplace charging and fully public facilities with payment solutions.

Driving the future

The future of motoring is electric! Virtually all vehicle manufacturers now have Electric Vehicles (EVs) in their ranges, including cars and vans.

Essential to this transition to a low carbon transport future is reliable, dependable, safe recharging.

Drivenergy is a premium supplier of EV charging solutions to the automotive industry, fleets, hospitality and private customers. Our corporate clients include prestige vehicle dealerships, utility companies and a wide variety of fleet customers.

Products & Services

We supply all types of EV charging points and provide remote monitoring, support and usage reporting, including a payment platform for customers of public charging.

We cover all type of charge points:

  • Domestic charging points (some with grant support).

  • Company car domestic charging points with reimbursement for energy costs.

  • Workplace charging points with management & reporting.

  • Closed network operation (fleet, campus, etc) with billing.

  • Public charging points with a full payment solution.

MENNEKES is a well-known name in the world of Electric Vehicles. The family run, 80-year-old company, having already been known for decades for making premium quality industrial electrical connectors, invented the 'Type 2' connector system used on all new EVs sold in Europe, now often called simply by the brand name 'MENNEKES'.


Drivenergy is proud to be the UK Sales Partner for MENNEKES eMobility.

MENNEKES logo - black

Drivenergy is the UK partner and distributor for MENNEKES eMobility.


We supply only the best quality EV charging points including the full range of AC charging solutions from MENNEKES and complementary Rapid DC charging from ABB.


We supply the premium quality MENNEKES charging cables in a choice of power ratings, lengths, modes and connector types for all vehicles.

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Wholesale and trade enquiries welcome.


Charging points are getting smarter. Drivenergy Cloud assists this tech revolution by providing remote access to most charging points.


Home and workplace charging points can report how much energy drivers use. Public charging points have 'app' access for pay-as-you-go charging.

Thanks to our wealth of automotive, electrical and transport consultancy experience, we can advise you on all things charging.

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