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MENNEKES Premium Wallbox

Robust wall mount solution for public and fleet use. Made in Germany.

MENNEKES Premium charging systems are designed for fully public-facing charging. A proven design, featuring robust construction, shuttered sockets with thermostatic anti-icing and simple, intuitive user interface.

Key Features

  • Designed for commercial, fleet or public facing use.

  • Single 22kW charging socket.

  • All steel bodywork, galvanised and powder coated.

  • Available in black or grey as standard, or any RAL colour as a cost option.

  • Full panel graphics possible.

  • Wiring options from above and below give flexibility for different installation conditions.

  • Single or three phase electricity connection.

  • Charging for vehicles with Type 1 or Type 2 connection via an untethered type 2 socket.


​Wallbox Premium also has:​

  • Operational status is delivered via LCD text display.

  • RFID operation.

  • Flexible billing when connected to a backend system like Drivenergy Cloud.

  • To be used with Gateway or networked to a MENNEKES Premium column with internal Gateway.

MENNEKES Wallbox Premium 22

Intelligent 22kW charging point, with LCD text display and visible energy meter (complies with Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive).


Automatically locking charging socket resists tampering when not in use. Up to 16 Premium Wallboxes (or a combination with up to 7 Premium Columns) can be grouped together with a single 'Gateway' to provide a connection to a backend, such as Drivenergy Cloud, for payment solutions and/or monitoring.

► Download PDF product brochure 



Installation and networking accessories.


E-Mobility Gateway

  • The E-Mobility Gateway networks charging points together with a backend system,

  • Can be used to connect up to 16 charging points using a RS485-BUS.

  • OCPP 1.6 compliant.

  • Communicates to the backend system using a 4G SIM card or a LAN network connection.

  • Can be used to network a number of different MENNEKES chargepoints together, eg. Wallbox Premium and Premium columns.

  • Integrated load management.

  • Robust but sleek housing.

  • Lockable.

  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor installation.

  • 2 Gateway models; 310551 uses a standard key and lock and 310561 uses a unique key and lock.

Please enquire for more information.

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