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The home charger from MENNEKES. Made in Germany.

AMTRON® Compact combines stylish AMTRON® design with high-quality workmanship to produce a sleek but compact wall mounted charger. Installation of a charging point can sometimes be made challenging by the size of the wallbox, but the AMTRON® Compact is the perfect solution to any tight parking spot. The 5-metre tethered 'Type 2' cable ensures that the charger is future-proof, and is compatible with all new upcoming electric vehicles. The wallbox has a charging capacity of 3.7kW (single-phase) or 11kW (three-phase), so is perfect for overnight charging at home.

Key Features

  • Plug in and charge, no authorisation required.

  • Optional remotely wired on/off switch e.g. key switch

  • Status indicated on LED information bar.

  • 5-metre tethered cable connection.

  • MENNEKES Type 2 connector.

  • Smart cable storage behind the unit.

  • Low standby power consumption.

  • Charging capacity of 3.7kW (16A single-phase) or 11kW (16A three-phase).

  • Compact design; 370mm x 210mm x 150mm.

  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor installation.

  • The compact design of the wallbox is suitable for tight situations.

  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor installation thanks to IP54 housing protection rating.

  • Easy to use daily thanks to the integrated cable handling.

  • 5-metre fixed MENNEKES Type 2 cable.


  • Compatible with all new vehicles via the standard MENNEKES Type 2 connector.

  • Easy installation with cable entry from above, below or from the rear.

  • Charging capacity of 3.7kW (single-phase) or 11kW (three-phase).

  • Integrated DC leakage detection.

  • Temperature detection within the charger housing to ensure no overheating occurs.


  • Modern sleek design.

  • High-end MENNEKES quality.

  • Made in Germany.




Stainless steel pole for mounting a single AMTRON® compact unit.



Stainless steel pole for mounting two AMTRON® Compact units.


Please enquire for more information.

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