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News: AMTRON® Compact

The new home charger from MENNEKES.

Drivenergy is proud to announce the official release of the new MENNEKES AMTRON® Compact wall mounted charger.


The AMTRON® Compact is the latest wall mounted charger to join the AMTRON® family. It is specifically designed for domestic vehicle charging in particularly tight situations.


The charger combines the high-quality AMTRON® design with first-class workmanship to produce a sleek but compact wall mounted charger. Compatible with all upcoming electric vehicles, its 5-metre tethered type 2 cable and 3.7kW (single-phase) or 11kW (three-phase) charging power is ideal for private domestic use. The wall charger is a future-proof "Made in Germany“ solution for private home and apartment parking garages.


Designed with focus on functionality, this AMTRON® charger is Compact, Practical and Premium.


Download the official MENNEKES Press Release.

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